About Us


The roof topping your home should be safe, stylish, durable, and easy-to maintain. It’s one of the most important structures of the home, afterall, providing homeowners protection against various weather elements and the potential damage they can cause. Roofs are also expensive, whether repairing or replacing, so ensuring maximum lifetime of the structure is imperative. With one phone call to VP ROOFING AND RENOVATIONS, you’ll find the roof that meets all your desires.

Our History

“After years in the Birmingham roofing industry, we realized there were common industry problems that no one was addressing. Even though most roofers could nail a shingle, too many customers were left frustrated, dissatisfied and sometimes even feeling taken advantage of. This was primarily due to lack of communication, inadequate cleanup, little attention to detail and inconsistent results from one crew to another.

Years ago we saw the need for a roofing company that consistently delivered a great customer experience along with the highest quality roof. Genius Roof was formed and the “VP ROOFING AND RENOVATIONS” along with the “VP ROOFING AND RENOVATIONS Experience” were created as solutions to these industry problems.

VP ROOFING AND RENOVATIONS is our proprietary method of installing a beautiful, quality roof on your home that will withstand the Birmingham weather for years to come. We are consistent in every detail and specification so that there is no variation from one project to the next. After installing countless roofs using the Genius Roof System, we are confident that our roofs are second to none.

The VP ROOFING AND RENOVATIONS Experience which is highlighted by seamless communication, meticulous clean up and going the extra mile, means that when you hire Genius Roof, not only will you receive a beautiful new roof, but your entire experience with us will be refreshingly simple, stress-free and easy.